The Banshee QueenThe Banshee Queen


The Banshee Queen
Sylvanas Windrunner was not always the Dark Lady of the Forsaken. In another life, she was the Ranger-General of Silvermoon. But that was before the Death Knight Arthas slew her and her people and raised her as the first Banshee.

Primary Abilities

Withering Fire

Shoot the closest enemy up to 5 times over 1.5 seconds for 39 damage, prioritizing Heroes. Cooldown is reset on getting a Takedown.

Shadow Dagger

Throw a dagger at a target enemy that deals 30 damage and an additional 150 damage over 2.5 seconds. Damage dealt by Sylvanas to the initial target spreads Shadow Dagger to all nearby enemies.

Haunting Wave

Send forth a wave of banshees dealing 114 damage to all targets. Reactivate to teleport to the banshees' location.

Heroic Abilities

Wailing Arrow

Shoot an arrow that can be reactivated to deal 228 damage and Silence enemies in an area for 2.5 seconds. The arrow detonates automatically if it reaches maximum range.

Mind Control

After 0.25 seconds, fire a missile that Mind Controls the first enemy Hero hit. Heroes hit are Silenced, Slowed by 30%, have 3 stacks of Banshee's Curse applied to them, and are forced to walk towards Sylvanas for 1.75 seconds.