Infested AdmiralInfested Admiral


Infested Admiral
Alexei Stukov had a hard life, and an even harder death. He has been betrayed, shot into space, resurrected and infested, almost cured, and then experimented upon as the infestation returned. Now, his infestation spreads within the Nexus...

Primary Abilities

Healing Pathogen

Infest an allied Hero with a Healing Pathogen that heals the target for 222 Health over 4.5 seconds. Healing Pathogens can spread to a nearby allied Hero every 0.75 seconds. Each cast of Healing Pathogen can only spread to each allied Hero 1 time.

Weighted Pustule

Hurl a pustule that impacts all enemy Heroes in its path, dealing 20 damage and Slowing by 5%, increasing to 50% over 3 seconds. Deals an additional 88 damage upon expiring or being removed.

Lurking Arm

Channel at a target location, creating an area that deals 136 damage per second to non-Structure enemies and Silences them. Deals 50% reduced damage to non-Heroes. Does not cost Mana while Channeling, and lasts until canceled or interrupted.

Heroic Abilities

Flailing Swipe

Swipe 3 times in front of Stukov over 1.75 seconds, dealing 48 damage to enemies hit and knocking them away. Each swipe is larger than the previous.

Massive Shove

Extend Stukov's arm. If it hits an enemy Hero, they are rapidly shoved until they collide with terrain, dealing 190 damage and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds. Stukov gains 50 Armor while shoving an enemy.