The BlademasterThe Blademaster


The Blademaster
Samuro, the last remaining blademaster to wear the banner of the Burning Blade, is on a warrior's pilgrimage in search of vengeance and redemption for his fallen clan. It will be a long journey, but he has sworn an oath to restore his clan's honor.

Melee Assassin

Primary Abilities

Mirror Image

Teleport a short distance in the direction of the mouse cursor, creating 2 Mirror Images for 8 seconds with 100% of Samuro's current Health that Basic Attack enemies for 11 damage. Images have their duration increased by 1 second each time they or Samuro use a Basic Attack against an enemy Hero. Whenever an Image takes damage, it deals that amount of damage to itself, effectively doubling the damage it takes. Maximum 2 Mirror Images can be active at at time. Using Mirror Image removes most negative effects from Samuro.

Critical Strike

Samuro's next Basic Attack within 8 seconds will be a Critical Strike, dealing 50% increased damage. This also applies to Images, and does not break Wind Walk. Passive: Samuro and his Images deal a Critical Strike on every 4th Basic Attack.

Wind Walk

Grant Samuro Stealth for up to 10 seconds or until he attacks, uses an Ability, or takes damage. While Stealthed, Samuro heals for 1% of his maximum Health every second, his Movement Speed is increased by 20% and he can pass through other units. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds while Stealthed grants Invisible. Samuro is Unrevealable for the first 1 second of Wind Walk.

Heroic Abilities


Cause a Bladestorm of destructive force around Samuro for 3 seconds, granting him 25 Armor and dealing 180 damage per second to nearby enemies.

Illusion Master

Mirror Images can be controlled individually or as a group and their damage is increased by 100%. Passive: Image Transmission's cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds.