Combat MedicCombat Medic

Lt. Morales

Combat Medic
To good marines, the only thing more important than the rifle in their hand is the medic at their back. As one of the first officers deployed during the United Earth Directorate's invasion, Lt. Rosa Morales is the best of the best.

Primary Abilities

Healing Beam

Heal target allied Hero or Minion for 172 Health per second as long as they are in range. After not channeling Healing Beam for 2 seconds, regenerate 6 Energy per second. Reactivate to switch targets, or self-cast to cancel channeling.


Grant target ally Hero 35 Armor for 3 seconds.

Displacement Grenade

Fire a grenade that can be manually detonated, dealing 208 to nearby enemies and knocking them away.

Heroic Abilities

Stim Drone

Grant an allied Hero 75% Attack Speed and 25% Movement Speed for 10 seconds.

Medivac Dropship

Target a location for a Medivac transport. For up to 10 seconds before takeoff, allies can right-click to enter the Medivac.