Crusader of ZakarumCrusader of Zakarum


Crusader of Zakarum
There have been many women who have borne the name Johanna in service of the crusade, and each has given her life to purify her faith. Johanna carries on their legacy as she searches the kingdom of Khanduras for the fallen star.

Primary Abilities


Step forward dealing 113 damage and Slowing enemies by 60% decaying over 2 seconds.


After 1 second, Johanna pulls nearby enemies toward her, stunning them for 0.25 seconds and dealing 55 damage. Deals 200% increased damage to Minions and Mercenaries.

Shield Glare

Deal 59 damage to enemies and Blind them for 1.5 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Falling Sword

Johanna leaps towards an area. While in the air, she can steer the landing location by moving. After 2 seconds Johanna lands, dealing 210 damage to nearby enemies, Stunning them for 0.2 seconds, and Slowing them by 50% for 3 seconds.

Blessed Shield

Deal 114 damage and Stun the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds. Blessed Shield then bounces to 2 nearby enemies, dealing 57 damage and Stunning them for 0.75 seconds.