Welcome to the Nexus!

In this realm between realms, anything is possible! Choose from dozens of legendary Heroes from across the Blizzard pantheon, customize their talents and abilities on the fly, and battle it out on a myriad of genre-redefining Battlegrounds. This isn’t your average MOBA - this is Heroes of the Storm!


Take charge, take aim, or take one for the team. Heroes fall into the following categories so you can easily find a role that best fits your playstyle:


Tank Heroes are formidable juggernauts that protect their team by absorbing attacks from the enemy and blocking their advance.


Bruiser Heroes are tough fighters that can also dish out moderate amounts of damage.


Support Heroes primarily provide boosts, buffs, or other benefits to their allies.


Healer Heroes primarily focus on healing their allies and mitigating damage.

Melee Assassin

Melee Assassin Heroes are high-octane, in-your-face damage dealers that get up close and personal with their targets.

Ranged Assassin

Ranged Assassin Heroes are fragile characters with high damage capabilities that attack from a distance.


Experience over a dozen unique Battlegrounds with wildly diverse objectives, layouts, and themes. Here are just a few examples of what you might find within the Nexus’s many realms:

Dragon Shire
Activate the Sun and Moon shrines to take control of a powerful Dragon Knight, then use it to rain devastation on the enemy team!
Towers of Doom
Aid one of two battling realm lords by capturing altars to deal damage directly to the enemy Core.
Cursed Hollow
Secure 3 tributes to bestow the powerful Raven’s Curse on the enemy, reducing the health of their Minions and preventing their structures from attacking.
Sky Temple
Capture the temples, defeat their guardians, and unleash their destructive power on your enemy’s fortifications!


Find the game mode that’s right for you. There’s no wrong way to play!

Quick Play

Select your Hero and head into battle against other players on a randomly chosen Battleground!


All the ranked play experience, but with none of the pressure. Draft and Ban just like you would in Storm League without affecting your rank.

VS. A.I.

Choose your Hero, choose the difficulty, and battle against A.I. controlled opponents.


Heroes of the Storm - your way. Create a lobby with custom settings, including Battlegrounds and Picks/Bans, and invite your friends!

Brawls - ARAM

All Random All Mid. Choose from three Heroes, then battle it out on a chaotic single-lane Battleground.

Storm League tiers. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grand Master.

Ranked: Storm League

Defeat your enemies and climb the ranks all the way to Grand Master as a solo player or with a party.


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