Cryptic NecromancerCryptic Necromancer


Cryptic Necromancer
From the recesses of the eastern jungles comes a man cloaked in mystery. As a member of the secretive Priests of Rathma, or the Necromancers, Xul wields powerful death magic and fights to preserve the delicate balance between order and chaos.

Primary Abilities

Spectral Scythe

Summon a scythe that travels to Xul after 1 second, dealing 190 damage to enemies and spawning a Skeletal Warrior when hitting enemy Heroes. These do not count towards Xul's Raise Skeleton maximum.

Cursed Strikes

Xul's Basic Attacks deal damage in a wide area and reduce the Attack Speed of Heroes and Summons by 40% for 2 seconds. Lasts 4 seconds once triggered.

Bone Prison

After a 2 second delay, deal 80 damage and Root the target enemy Hero for 1.75 seconds. All nearby Skeletal Warriors will fixate on the target for their duration.

Bone Armor

Activate to gain a Shield equal to 25% of Xul's maximum Health for 3 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Poison Nova

After 0.5 seconds, release poisonous missiles that deal 630 damage to all enemies hit over 10 seconds.

Skeletal Mages

Vector Targeting Summon 4 Frost Mages in a line that attack nearby enemies for 47 damage a second and Slow them by 30% for 2 seconds. Last up to 15 seconds.