Recruit A Friend

Join forces with your friends and conquer the Nexus as one mighty team. Prove your worth, and these rewards will show anyone that the strength of the pack is yours to command.

How It Works

  • 1. Recruit Your Friends

    Access your unique recruitment link in game.

  • 2. Fight For Glory

    Battle shoulder to shoulder and take the Nexus by storm.

  • 3. Reap The Rewards

    As your recruits level up, you will all unlock amazing rewards.



Forge your team into a relentless engine of mass carnage and infinite triumph. As your Recruits prove their worth and level up, you will earn the following rewards.

  • One Level 10 Recruit:

    Recruit A Friend Portrait

  • Four Level 10 Recruits:

    Vulture Hover Bike Mount


Ready to take on the challenge of the Nexus? These rewards will help you get started on the road to victory.

  • Recruit reward 1 image

    Log in, and receive Raynor plus a 5-day Boost to start strong.

  • Recruit reward 2 image

    Reach level 10, and Sylvanas is yours. Haunt your enemies and show them the true meaning of fear. Also gain the exclusive Recruit A Friend portrait.

Disclaimer image
  • Recruits must be level 5 or lower to be eligible for recruitment.
  • Rewards are only awarded in the game region where the initial recruitment took place. For example, if a player in the Americas sends a recruitment link to players in Europe, the recruits will not receive rewards unless they also play in the Americas.