No Holds Barred, No Quarter Given

Alterac Pass

Capture Prison Camps and unleash Cavalry to destroy the enemy General.

Garden of Terror

When night falls, horror sprouts in the Garden of Terror. Kill the terrors, collect their evil seeds, and let your green thumb bring victory!

Hanamura Temple

Capture payloads to unleash dragons and assail the enemy Core!

Volskaya Foundry

Capture control points to unlock a Protector mech controlled by two players at once.

Haunted Mines

Engage in necromancy for fun and profit as you collect the skulls of the undead and use them to raise your very own grave golem.

Towers of Doom

Control the Bell Towers, capture the Altars, and break through the enemy Core’s impenetrable shield.

Infernal Shrines

A dark, destructive force threatens the Gardens of Hope, creatures made of equal parts mayhem and destruction. Harness their devastating might, or perish at the hands of the Punishers.

Battlefield of Eternity

Two Immortals are locked in a duel to the death. Help your Immortal prevail, and he’ll devastate your enemy’s forts.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

Slay your enemies and gather gems of magical power. Bring enough to the Spider Queen’s altar, and her skittering Webweavers will devour your foes.

Sky Temple

Capture the ancient temples, defeat their guardians, and use their awesome power to destroy your enemy’s forts.

Blackheart's Bay

Collect doubloons and pay the ghost pirate Blackheart to turn his guns on your enemies. If you see a cannonball flying your way… run!

Dragon Shire

He who controls the shrines controls the dragon; he who controls the dragon punts the other team’s puny heroes.

Cursed Hollow

It really is a horrible night to have a curse. Gather the Raven Lord’s tribute and make sure it’s the other team and not yours that has to suffer.

Braxis Holdout

Capture the beacons and watch what happens when a flood of weaponized Zerg ravages the battlefield!

Warhead Junction

Join the arms race of Warhead Junction, build up your stockpile, and rain hell on your enemies!